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Cats Teeth and Gums

While cat owners are often vigilant against all ailments that may afflict their pets, they often let down their guards when it comes to feline dental care. Cat owners should check their cats' mouth on a regular basis to prevent any dental problems before they worsen.

Kittens develop twenty six baby teeth. As they mature, their baby teeth become replaced by thirty adult teeth, and the baby teeth fall out. Commonly, the baby tooth of the kitten doesn’t fall out which can crowd the mouth and cause several dental problems.


Brush your cats' teeth regularly. If you have never cleaned your cat's pearly whites before, you can opt to wrap gauze around your forefinger in lieu of a small toothbrush. You can use cat toothpaste, which is now available in fishy flavors. Brush your kitty's teeth gently, paying close attention to plaque buildup along the gums. Brushing is an integral part of cat dental care.

Make oral checkups at home a regular part of your dental regime. Always do dental checkups when your cat is relaxed and at ease. Doing these checks when your cat is grumpy can cause them to react to these checkups adversely, and become reluctant to them in the future. Start these checks by gently tilting your cat's head backwards. Gently part the sides of your cats mouth and start your examination. You should look for excessive plaque and tartar buildup. Also look for any dental decay and/or chipped, broken teeth. The gums of your cat should be of a healthy pink, not red or pale pink. Do not forget to check your feline's breath. A cats breath is expected to have a slight odor, but the smell should not be overwhelming. Bad breath can be an indicator of a more serious health condition. If you notice any of the mentioned issues afflicting your feline friend, take her to the veterinarian where she can receive proper treatment. Give your cat a treat after conducting the check, it may cause her to look forward to the checks!

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