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Paw Care for Dogs

All injuries affect the life style of a dog however a paw injury is the most disruptive on any dog. The paw of a dog or also considered their feet have pads at the bottom of the paw to cushion their step. Since dogs are constantly on their feet and barefoot they are susceptible to injury. Although it is not practical to keep your dog in doors in order to protect their paws it is still necessary for a pet owner to know what to do if their dogs paw were injured.

Causes of Paw Injuries

There are many causes of paw injuries. Injuries are mainly caused by the dogs' surroundings for example sharp rocks or broken glass even hot asphalt can damage a dog's paw. It is important to know how to treat the injury to ensure your pet does not continue to endure pain. Most paw injuries will require the least amount of treatment. Mainly an owner must clean out the wound and remove any debris which is in or around the injured area. Then the bleeding must be controlled and the wound must be wrapped and bandaged to ensure no infections enter the wound.

Symptoms of Paw Injuries

Although the symptoms vary when your dog has a paw injury there are a few which remain consistent. If your pet has an injured paw it is likely that they will try their best to avoid using that paw to ensure no pain is placed on the injury. Therefore if a dog is limping it is more likely they have a paw injury. As for other common symptoms they include whining and other behavioral indications that they are experiencing pain or discomfort.

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