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Newsletter and Press Releases

Natural Pet Health Newsletters

April 2013
How to Clean Your Pet's Teeth: 5 Easy Steps
Cleaning your pet's teeth can be a challenge, learn the easy steps to make this process painless for you and your pet.

March 2013
The Best Ways to Prepare for Traveling With a Pet
All the tips you will need so that you don't have to leave your pet behind next time you go on vacation.

February 2013
What's best for your pet: tap water or filtered water?
Quench your thirst for knowledge while quenching your pet's thirst with the better water choice.

January 2013
Beat Behavior Blues With Natural Remedies: Your Dogs Behavior May Be A Chemical Imbalance
Your beloved family dog has been great in the two years that you have had him. Then one day out of the blue your dog displays a range of different emotions. One day he wants to sleep all day and not be bothered the next he is agitated and barks at everyone that comes near him.

December 2012
A Personal Message from Dr. Loridawn Gordon: Pet Care Tips For The Holidays
The holidays are a time of festive spirit and cheer. Many people show the holiday spirit by decorating their homes with bright lights, garlands, Christmas trees, and other holiday décor. While all of this certainly adds to the festivities of the holiday season, holiday decorations can pose serious heath risks to our pets. Pet owners need to take special precautions during the holiday season to ensure that their pets have a safe, happy holiday season as well.

November 2012
A Personal Message from Dr. Loridawn Gordon: My Guiding Principles
Conventional medicine tells us that there's a pill for every ill. I don't believe that. Often, the remedy for our ailments can be fresh air, touch, blessings, poultices, creams, tea, herbs, proper nutrition, family, and sometimes, the remedy can even be within our own thoughts.

October 2012
30-Second Tips for Beginner's Pet Homeopathy
Interested in pet homeopathy, but don't know where to start? Get your feet wet with these quick tips. There are just 5, so it's an easy first step towards more natural pet health.

September 2012
Pure-Bred Dog Breeds Can Help With Cancer Research
Thanks to the amazing variety of pure-bred dog breeds and all that comes with having those breeds, researchers are getting a unique look at some rare genetic diseases.

August 2012
Early Recognition of Safety Plans
As a pet owner when you devise your safety plans in the case of an emergency don't forget to recognize what will benefit not only your family but your pet as well.

July 2012
The Path to a Healthier Cat
Your cat has certain nutritional needs, be sure to provide them with all the food which meet these needs.

June 2012
Detecting Extra Weight on Your Dog
Is your dog overweight? Help improve your dog's condition with the right diet and exercise tips.

May 2012
Fighting off Fleas
Don't let fleas harm your pet's health, fight them off using the technique that works best for you.

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