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Antiseptic for Cats

Outdoors cats are very prone to minor wounds from their everyday activities. Although minor wounds are usually not alarming, it’s important that owners disinfect cat wounds so that it does not become infected and become a bigger problem later on.

Stop bleeding

Minor wounds:

The first priority is to control the bleeding and stopping it. To stop bleeding, apply pressure directly to the wound with a sterile or clean gauze sponge or cloth. Do not lift the gauze to see if the bleeding has stopped because this disrupts the clot that may have formed. Also do not discard the soaked bandage because of the possible clotting factors located on the bandage. Instead, add more layers on top.

Severe wounds:

Try to apply pressure to the arteries that supply blood to the affected area. However for severe bleeding it is better to cover the wound with bandage and immediately contact your local animal hospital.

Prevent contamination

  • A clean dressing should be applied whenever possible to open wounds to prevent infection and contamination.
  • If the injuries are minor, try to gently clean it with soap and water. Also try to clip the hairs back and apply an antiseptic or antibiotic ointment followed by dressing the wound. Do not make the bandage tight as it will cut off circulation.
  • If it is a deep wound, do not clean or probe it but supply apply a dressing and contact your veterinarian.
  • Also, have bit wounds examined by a veterinarian no matter how minor. It may appear minor however there could be extensive damage to the tissue that is not evident on the skin.
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