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Eye Care for Cats

Cats can experience the same eye complications as humans. Cataracts which is the internal clouding of the eye and glaucoma which the built up of fluid and pressure in the eye occur are common eye problems which occur in cats. Cataracts often occurs in cats with diabetes or cats who are simply elderly. Conjunctivitis is when they eye(s) become red and swollen; discharge can also occur in this condition. Sometimes cats can obtain a third eyelid which is often a result of wounds, diarrhea, illness, or worms.

Causes of Eye Irritation in Cats

Eye irritation can also occur from any allergies your cat may be suffering from or from infection. Veterinarians often prescribe antibiotic cat eye ointment or antibacterial eye drops to remedy these ailments. Do not use any ophthalmic solutions without the approval of your veterinarian.

Symptoms of Eye Irritation

If you notice any symptoms such as cloudiness, discharge, excessive watering, redness, or crusting in your cats eyes he or she may have cat eye problems and should be examined by your veterinarian. Wipe away any discharge at the corners of the eye with a damp cotton ball; use clean cotton for each eye.

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