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Healthy Coats in Cats

A poor diet can result in a poor fur cat coat. Cats do have different nutritional needs than dogs. While dogs can live without meat, cats cannot. There are certain vitamins and substances that cats need to survive but cannot produce by themselves. This is why cats need to have meat in their diet as it provides a source of essential vitamins and substances which is vital to a healthy coat. Aside from meat, cats also need complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. Feed your cat premium cat food, or better yet switch to organic cat food which presents the same nutritional benefits without artificial flavors, preservatives, and artificial fillers. After improving your cat's diet, you should notice an improvement in the fur coat by four to six months.


If you suspect that obesity could be causing your cat's poor coat condition, take your cat to the veterinarian. Weight issues should not be ignored as cats can develop a number of other health problems from being obese. Your veterinarian will help create an appropriate diet for your cat to ensure weight loss is steady and safe. Weight loss becomes dangerous for cats if they shed the pounds too fast, thus cat owners should never attempt to promote weight loss in cats without the help of a veterinarian.

Healthy Coats for Elderly Cats

If your cat is elderly you can help it maintain its coat by regularly combing its fur. Since he may be experiencing some difficulty grooming and may not be able to reach all spots, combing will continue to keep its coat in top shape. It is also important to keep your elderly cat on a proper diet to promote a healthy cat coat.

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