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Paw Care for Cats

Paws are essential to cats. Not only do they cushion the feet from the ground below them, paws also help cats move. Thus, is it really surprising to know that paw injuries occur commonly in cats?

Causes of Paw Injuries

Outdoor cats tend to have paw injuries caused by factors such as thorns, broken glass, and other sharp objects found outside. Indoor cats are also prone to paw injuries caused by accidental stepping, and sharp objects. These objects can cause minor cuts which should be treated immediately to prevent future infection in the cut. When treating the cut, if you notice any foreign material in the wound, remove it if possible. If tweezers are needed to remove smaller objects (i.e. small shards of glass) make sure that the tweezers are sterilized. Take your pet to the veterinarian if it isn’t safe to remove the object at home or if you think your pet may need medical attention. By not removing the object, you could be subjecting your cat to further pain and possible paw infection.

Minor Paw Injuries

Treat minor cuts by cleansing the wound and then applying an antiseptic ointment which would keep the wound cleans and reduce the likelihood of infection.

Major Paw Injures

Major injuries involving the paws should be treated by a veterinarian immediately. Your veterinarian will most likely conduct a physical examination to diagnose the injury and then proceed to administer treatment.

Symptoms of An Injured Paw

Common indicators of a paw injury include pain, discomfort, and limping. Additional indicators of paw injuries include repeated nursing of a paw, and a reluctance to return to normal activities. Take your pet to be examined by your veterinarian if you suspect your cat may be suffering from a paw injury.

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