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Dog Cough

There are various possible reasons a dog is coughing, some more serious than others. Coughing is usually triggered by irritants that pass the air passages causing your dog to attempt to clear these passages. It usually is characterized as being dry and hacky; moist and bubbly; as gagging; as wheezy; and as harsh or week. Depending on the type and cause of the cough it can either be frequent, chronic or irregular. Coughing often leads to more irritation in the throat. Talk to a veterinarian to find the perfect product for your dog from all the cough remedies for dogs.

Respiratory Problems for Dogs

There are four different types of respiratory problems:

  • Noisy breathing – this indicates an obstruction of the nasal passage.
  • Stridor (Croupy Breathing) – is a high pitched breathing which is caused by air passing through a narrowed voice box.
  • Wheezing – this is often a result of spasm or narrowing in the trachea or bronchi.
  • Shallow Breathing – often occurs when a dog has broken ribs or severe bruising in the wall of the chest.

Causes of Dog Coughs

Here are the different causes of coughs:

  • Kennel Cough – this is a dry coughs which can cause throat irritation and lead to pneumonia.
  • Distemper – this is a dry cough which that leads to a fever and thick yellow discharge from nose and eyes.
  • Internal Parasites – Roundworms and heartworms are types of parasites which can cause dry coughs. Roundworms live in the intestine of a dog. Dog can be infected by licking or eating soil contaminated by eggs. Heartworms are transmitted to dogs by mosquitoes.
  • Other Causes – although rare tuberculosis also can cause respiratory problems in dogs. Allergies also can cause coughing in dogs and irritation of the throat. Coccidiosis which is similar to Distemper can cause a cough in dogs as well.
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