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Dog Insect Bites

Insect bites are common in dogs especially flea bites however the severity of the bite depends on the insect. As noted fleas bites are very common on pets since they live in your dog's fur and constantly seek the blood of the host. Flea bites are nuisances however they are tiny bites which aren’t too painful. Ticks are also common but are a little more dangerous to dogs and their owners because often ticks carry disease and transfer it to the dog they are attached to. Mosquito bites although may only be one bite they can cause swelling and itchiness in the bite area. A sting from a wasp, hornet or bee is the most painful to a dog, one sting from one of these pesky insects can cause a large amount of swelling and occasionally the bite area is not the only part which swells up. The area on the dog which was bitten can become red and hot to the touch. Also the stinger of a bee could remain in the skin of your dog were it was bitten. If a dog is bitten multiple times by a spider they may require veterinarian attention if they begin to shiver and vomit.

Symptoms of Insect Bites in Dogs

Depending on the insect bite there are different symptoms which are indicators that your dog has been bitten. The most common is swelling and pain in the muscles and the affected area. Your dog could also vomit, be in shock and have a slight fever due to different insect bites. As for signs of shock they include; pale or white gums, rapid breathing and rapid heartbeat. These symptoms are not produced by flea bites because those small parasites only suck at a dog's skin.

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