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Pill Delivery for Dogs

Giving your pet their pet medication could be quite complicated at times. However, there are a few ways to trick them into taking their natural pet medications.

Warnings for Pill Delivery

Dog pills should be administered when they are in a sitting position. Never give a dog their pet medications when they are lying down because they could choke. Also do not give dog’s their pills when they are having seizures, are unconscious, are vomiting or behaving aggressively.

How to Give Your Dog Medication

To administer the dog pill, use one hand to pull the dog’s snout up slightly toward the ceiling which will force the lower jaw to drop a bit. Use your free hand to lightly pull the lower jaw down and insert the pill on your dog’s tongue as far back as possible. Once this is done, close your dog’s mouth and hold onto their snout until it is evident that they have swallowed it. If you stroke on your dog’s throat or lightly blow on their nose, it will make them swallow their pill quickly.

Other methods include:

  • Hiding your pet’s pill inside a treat
  • Crushing and mixing the pill into your pet’s food: This is another alternative that could work however, it could make their pet food taste salty which means that they might not want to eat the same type of pet food next time.
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