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Stress in Dogs

Stress happens to the best of us but did you know that dogs become stress too? Stress in dogs can be triggered by many different things. Stress tends to trigger erratic behavior from dogs, and as a result can at many times be irritating for owners.

Symptoms of Stress in Dogs

The behaviors that are associated with stress are:

  • Barking:

    Barking excessively could be a sign of fear which is a stress response. When a dog barks excessively they are trying to send a clear message, to whatever that could be scaring them, to stay away.
  • Trembling:

    Trembling is a fear response and could mean that there is something around their environment that is scaring them. If a dog is trembling for ten minutes or more is a strong indication that something is not right. They should be taken to the emergency room if this occurs.
  • Shaking:

    They will do a full body shake when they are not wet.
  • Atypical aggression:

    Due to their stress their behavior could be more aggressive lately.
  • Whining:

    Dogs will whine because of their anxiety.
  • Body Odors:

    Bad breath is quite common among dogs because if they are under a lot of stress, secretion of gastrointestinal acids become more noticeable through the foul odors.
  • Excessive grooming:

    This includes constantly licking their tail, or genital area. With excessive grooming it can result in opening wounds, or loss of hair.

Stress can also cause dogs to be more aggressive which often can be misinterpreted by their owners.

These behaviors include:

  • Yawning
  • Aggression
  • Shaking
  • Licking their nose
  • Scratching
  • Sniffing the ground

Causes of Stress in Dogs

Relieving stress is important for dogs however, the first step is figuring out what triggered your dog’s stress.

Stress could be caused by various reasons such as:

  • Separation: If your dog knows that you are going away, their behavior could suddenly become destructive. Destructive behavior could be a way of your dog seeking attention before you leave.
  • Anxiety: If your dog is jumping around or showing signs of nervousness, it’s important to check out what could be triggering their behavior.
  • Loneliness
  • Illness and Pain
  • Fear of loud noises

Reducing Stress

Stress relief for dogs is important in helping your dog feel at ease. They are less subjected to feeling stress if they lead happy and healthy life styles.

  • Try giving your dog plenty of exercise. Dogs require at least one walk a day. By having them exercise, it could help take their mind off their stress factor and even help improve their mood.
  • Try to keep surroundings calm. Eliminate any loud noises and try providing soothing music to help calm your dog.
  • Offer extra attention. Some dogs feel stress due to separation and recent studies shows that a human’s touch can help lower heart rate and lower blood pressure in dogs.
  • Provide chew toys. This gives your dog a chance to relieve their stress by playing with a chew toy.
  • Take your dog to your local vet. Your dog maybe in need of medication or require a check up for any underlying illnesses. There are even dog calming products available to help relieve stress for dogs.
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