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Common Questions about Cat Bruises and Sprains

What Are the Different Types of Cat Sprain?

Sprains are common in cats. There are three levels of sprain - grade I, grade II and grade III. Grade I is when a significant portion of the ligament is torn. The ligament still keeps the bones together and is still functional. Swelling and pain may be apparent. Grade II is when the ligament is partially torn or significantly stretched. The ligament still connects one bone to another but does not have the strength to function normally. Swelling, pain and inability to fully use the joint may be seen. Grade III is the worst type and is no longer considered a sprain. The ligament is completely torn and there is no longer connection from one bone to the other. Sprains are diagnosed by a physical examination and an x-ray by vets. Treatment is different based on severity.

Remedy for a Cat's Sprained Leg?

Due to a cats exercise and activities they partake in, cats are susceptible to sprains. Therefore, be aware of the types of sprains and as if you notice your cat limping be sure to visit your veterinarian to aid in the recovery of this ligament. There are certain remedies which can help in the recovery of this health concern, such as Naivy Trauma Ointment.

Cat Sprained Leg Symptoms

Cat sprained leg symptoms include the following: limping, vocalization, swelling, loss of appetite and personality change.

How to Improve Your Cat’s Circulation?

Exercise and daily physical activity will improve your cat’s circulation.

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