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Common Questions about Dog Ear Care

Dog ear infection symptoms

Dogs may experience certain signs or symptoms which help pet owners identify if their pet is having ear problems. It is important to catch these signs as early as possible and visit your veterinarian in order to treat this infection. Firstly, there may be discharge in your dog’s ears (often black and chunky but also can be yellow and pasty). They may also have redness or swelling in the inner flaps of the ear or the ear canal. Your dog may also shake or tilt its head as well as feel pain when they are touched on their ears. Therefore be sure to monitor your dog and if you feel they are experiencing some of these symptoms than be sure to take the proper measure to help them with their ear problems.

How to clean dogs ears?

Regardless of how much care is given to your dogs, ear infections are probable to occur. Therefore, knowing how to properly clean your dog’s ears is quite important. First, put a few drops of ear cleanser in your dog’s infected ears. Next, gently rub and massage the ear in order to eliminate any debris which is stuck to your dogs ear. Lastly, use a cotton ball or a piece of gauze to gently scrap off any remaining dirt.

Causes Of Ear Infection In Dogs?

Dogs have a natural level of bacteria and yeast growing in their ears, however, if this balance is disturbed then an overgrown bacterial or yeast infection occurs. This over growth in dogs is the cause of intense irritation in dogs and is the result of one form of ear infections. There are others such as water entering your dog's ears causing an infection. Dogs are also able to get infected due to allergies, this is actually the most common form of infection in dogs.

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