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1st Pet Naturals Reward Points

  • $1 Spent = 1 Reward Point

  • Every 20 Points Gives $1 Off Your Next Purchase

  • No Minimum or Maximum Discount

  • Points Never Expire!


How to Start Earning Reward Points

Step 1:
Register an Account

First, we’ll need a place to keep track of your Reward Points and your information. Setting up an account is easy and takes less than a minute. Here is what we will ask for:

  • Your email

  • A password for security

After you’ve registered, there’s no obligation to buy. If you don’t have an account already, you can register here.

Step 2:
Decide on Free Points

When you register, you’ll see an option for 1st Pet News, our free monthly newsletter.

Stay opted in and we’ll give you 60 free Rewards Points, which equals $3 off your next purchase.

Step 3:
Purchase and Participate

For every $1 you spend at 1st Pet Naturals, we’ll give you a Reward Point.


Keep an eye out for our contests and specials. Participate and you could win free Reward Points to use!


How to Use Reward Points

Reward Points are applied during the checkout process. So, the first step is to shop online as usual.

When you are ready to buy, navigate to your shopping cart by clicking the link at the top of the page. Or view your current shopping cart here. Once you have everything you want in your shopping cart, click the orange “Checkout” button near the bottom of the page.

Next, complete the “Address” and “Shipping” steps.

When prompted to select your payment method, you will see a checkbox option labeled “Use my reward points”. If you click this checkbox, the system will apply your Reward Points to your current purchase.

Once your Reward Points have been applied, you will see the results in the total, which is displayed near the bottom of the page.

Reward Points are good for a one-time discount and are used when the transaction is complete. However, you will still earn 1 Reward Point per dollar spent on the remaining balance, even if you used Reward Points to get a discount.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum purchase required to use Reward Points?

No, there is no minimum purchase requirement.

Do Reward Points count towards shipping fees?

Yes, absolutely.

If I use Reward Points to discount a purchase, do I still earn Reward Points for that purchase?

Yes, but only on the remaining balance after Reward Points have been applied.

Are Reward Points usable on all 1st Pet Naturals products?

Yes. Anything we offer can be discounted by applying Reward Points.

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