January 23, 2011

Holistic Pet Health

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To understand what holistic pet health is one must understand the concept of holism. Holism comes from a Greek word meaning “whole” or “entire”. The holistic theory believes in the ultimate connection; a system as a whole is much more important than its’ individual components in holism. Thus in order to solve a single problem factors influencing the problem must be addressed as well. For example, if a person suffers from the common cold more often than usual, the holistic approach would include the examination of the individuals’ emotional and physical characteristics, mental state, and lifestyle. Holistic treatment in health involves a modern diagnosis of the ailment partnered with alternate health remedies (i.e. breathing techniques, exercise, relaxation techniques, and changes in diet, herbal supplements, and emotional therapy).
Organic Dog Food
Holistic pet health focuses on making important changes to prevent and/or sooth health conditions. A popular trend associated with holistic pet care is the development of organic pet food. Holistic pet food is pet food that is meant to nourish all parts of the body. Holistic pet food is usually made of whole organic ingredients without the use of artificial flavors, artificial colors, preservatives and/or steroids. The benefits of the consumption of holistic pet food are the most pets experience a positive increase in overall health.

Holistic treatment for pets is based on two main elements: homeopathy and the use of Western and Chinese herbs. Homeopathy is a treatment in which the patient intakes a diluted solution of substances that can cause similar symptoms in large undiluted amounts. It is believed that the substances would restore an inner balance and promote healing from within rather than just treating the symptoms. Treatment involving herbs is favored over treatment involving medications since medications commonly cause side effects.

Both types of treatment are generally safe to use as long as the pet goes through treatment under professional supervision. As expected, a pet undergoing holistic treatment is also treated for any mental and/or emotional complications such as, anxiety, destructive behavior, and aggression.


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