January 29, 2011

Weight Loss Tips For Your Unhappy Pet

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Exercising Dog Lossing WeightThese can include diabetes, arthritis, as well as various others. Thirty-three million pets were overweight in 2008. Fourty-four percent of which were man’s best friend!  Pet obesity is a serious issue and should be dealt with immediately.

Some other serious problems that obese pets can develop include: pet high blood pressure, gastrointestinal problems, and respiratory problems. As a pet owner, you are responsible for your pet’s safety and health.

So what are some pet weight loss tips to get your pet on track with losing weight? Well the first step is to establish a healthy diet. Instead of feeding your pet unhealthy snacks give low calorie snacks such as carrots, celery, tuna flakes or broccoli.  Adding fiber rich foods to the diet is also a great idea.

In terms of physical activity, spending at least fifteen minutes a day playing with your pet is recommended. It varies depending on the pet. Dogs, for instance, should walk around 30 to 35 minutes every day. If your dog enjoys swimming, playing in the water can also help them lose unwanted calories. Swimming is one of the best sources of physical activity for those with arthritis.

For more detailed advice as to what to feed your pet, consult with your pet’s vet. They can offer you advice on what your dog should eat and the amount you should offer to them as well. Every pet’s metabolism differs, which requires different attention, and a certain amount of calories taken in.


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