March 28, 2011

Natural Remedies for Canine Kidney Disease

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Canine Kidney Disease can be a devastating health condition for dogs, if not diagnosed at the right time. The scary thing is that signs of kidney disease are usually witnessed only once the disease has become much more severe. It can go unnoticed for a long period of time.

Canine Kidney Disease occurs when the kidneys are not able to properly function. As a result, waste materials build up inside the body. This eventually becomes toxic to the body and causes a negative impact to your pet’s overall health (i.e.: digestive problems).

There are two general types of canine kidney disease; acute and chronic. Acute kidney disease occurs suddenly whereas chronic kidney disease develops over time. Chronic kidney disease tends to occur in older dogs.

It is important to discuss the best medical treatment with your vet, no matter what form of kidney disease your pet is suffering from. Medical treatment can include: taking various prescription medication, IV fluid treatment, or even a kidney transplant.
Treat Kidney Disease in Dogs
Although remedies for kidney disease in dogs cannot replace your vet, they will be beneficial for your pet’s overall health. There are numerous changes that you can make to enrich the life of your suffering pet. These include providing three essential things:

  • A proper diet: Feed your dog pet food that is especially made for dogs with kidney disease. A kidney disease diet must be low in sodium and protein. Too much sodium can cause hypertension and protein creates a lot of metabolic waste for the kidneys to have to filter. Adding some vitamin supplements, especially vitamins B and C, is also a great idea.
  • Access to water: Water should be available to your dog at all times. Your dog should not become dehydrated.
  • A comfortable environment: In order for your pet to feel comfortable, stress levels need to be low. Pretty much any change to your pet’s surrounding will create stress. This can be something as little as turning the heat up too much or a big change like introducing a new pet to the family.
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