May 16, 2011

ty Dog Arthritis Supplements

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Dog suffering from arthritisDog arthritis, a condition involving the inflammation of joints, impacts every part of your pet’s life. The most common type of arthritis affecting dogs is osteoarthritis. If your pet has arthritis, you will notice that your pet is not as happy or energetic as he/ she once was. Luckily, there are many treatments available that can help reduce the symptoms of arthritis. There is, however, no cure.

Your dog’s vet will be able to determine the best course of treatment. However, there are other forms of dog arthritis support in addition to medical treatment. Dog arthritis supplements for example are very beneficial if incorporated into your dog’s daily diet. There are a large variety of supplements available for arthritis in dogs.

In many cases taking dog arthritis supplements is even more beneficial than taking prescription medication. Some prescription medication such as Prednisone are often used to lessen pain and inflammation. However, using them over a large period of time can cause negative effects. Supplements on the other hand can even help regenerate what was lost and are a great option in terms of canine arthritis support.

Other things can also be done to make your dog feel more comfortable and happy. Giving your pet a massage for example will make he/ she feel much more relaxed and also provide dog arthritis pain relief. Pet Arthritis-Supplements for joint pain-factors for arthritis In addition, vegetables high in Vitamin B, such as carrots and asparagus, are recommended for dogs suffering from arthritis. To serve, cut up the vegetables and add them to your pet’s dog food.

As dogs grow older, the probability of developing arthritis increases. This is because as they become older, joints begin to stiffen. Young dogs can also develop arthritis. The cause in this case is usually an injury of some sort. Overweight or obese dogs are at an even greater risk of suffering from arthritis in comparison to others. Their heavy weight puts extra pressure on the joints.

Natural methods don’t always work for everyone in terms of dog arthritis treatment. At times prescription medication does not give the desired effect. Surgery is usually used as a last resort in these cases. Other times it is not even possible. It is important that an owner notices the symptoms of dog arthritis so they can take their pet to a vet right away.


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