March 21, 2012

Pet Idol is Coming Soon

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pet talentsIs your pet a star? Maybe your dog knows how to walk on two legs? Maybe your cat has the ability to juggle three balls of yarn? Maybe your horse has the ability to sing Frank Sinatra with perfect pitch? The question is can they remain calm and composed amongst the bright lights and harsh criticism? Do they have what it takes to be a star in the world of humanized animal companions?

When it comes to the above questions, the 4th Annual Pet Idol, held in Hudson, Quebec, certainly hopes the answer is yes. Like American Idol, Pet Idol is a live competition showcasing the abilities and talents of North America’s most exciting pets. And this year, they are opening up the floor to many more animals.

“Last year, there were only dogs that took part in the competition but we’d be happy to see cats or birds, any pet that has talent,” organizer Donna Piché said last week. She also adds that last year 20 animals including dogs and cats were adopted last year.

Whatever the talent, and whatever the skill level, they want to showcase your animals unique talents to the pet world.

“If your animal has some type of talent or trick, then this event is for you,” organizer Donna Piché said.

The prizes benefit owners and pets alike: the winner talks away with a brand new 9900 Blackberry from Rogers Communications; other prizes include gift certificates from Global Pet Store, gift certificates for grooming from Wags and Whiskers, a three-month pass to the Club West gym in Hudson, movie passes, and more.

While there is no judging by Simon Cowell, or commentary by Ryan Seacrest, Pet Idol does have its share of celebrities including Brian Greenway from the band April Wine. The event promises am immersion amongst other local pet aficionados that you and your pet won’t soon forget.

Registration, which is free, takes place from 11 a.m. to noon, and the Pet Idol competition begins at 12:30pm. The Pet Idol Pet Fair and Adoption Clinic takes place March 24, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Stephen F. Shaar Community Centre, 394 Main Rd., Hudson. For information, call 450-458-6699.

March 3, 2012

Naturopathic Health Series Part 3: Natural Cures for Pets

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natural pet curesOur Wellness Mantra

The golden rule at 1st Pet Naturals is to seek wellness from within.

Instead of using a pill to ‘treat’ the disease, we honor the body’s innate ability to heal. That is, to heal fully, and completely.

To achieve vitality, especially in increasingly unhealthy environments, owners should be knowledgeable and ask questions in regards to their pets. After all, you wouldn’t let other people make health care decisions about yourself blindly, so why would you let them influence decisions about your pet?

Ultimately achieving health is an active, two-way process. And no one knows your pet better than you do. An active owner usually has a healthy pet.

Dealing with disease should not be looked at in terms of alleviating symptoms only. Instead should be examined in terms of an imbalance within the entire system. Symptoms can be seen amongst holistic health practitioners as elements of healing, and it is important to understand what they signify in terms of the bigger picture. We’re concerned with the full-spectrum view of the animal body rather than a thin biological slice.


The Way Towards Naturopathic Health

With the proper knowledge, radiant, beautiful health is just around the corner. It’s my job to help you get there.

Myself and my team have compiled a some general advice regarding the three commonly-accepted primary tenets to 100% natural pet health .

Physical (Nutritional) Health

Look for pet food with real ingredients, not highly processed food.

Cats are natural carnivores. Dogs are carnivorous scavengers. If they are eating mainly vegetable (meal) they are consuming in opposition to their established diets. Dogs can survive on vegetables if they can, but it’s not best.

With the right nutrition, dogs can withstand parasites, viruses, bacteria and the environment.


Emotional Health

Pets, like our children, are very intuitive.

They feel your emotion – if you’re happy, they’re happy; if you’re angry, they become upset.

If you continually take out your emotions on your pet, they may experience some mental issues in the form of anxiety, suppression, depression, grief and abandonment.

Mental Health

For many animals, the evolutionary state they are used to is one of engagement with nature.

Dogs, for example, are used to running, hunting, and operating in a pack mentality. They need jobs, so the regular involvement of these faculties will be an important contributing factor to good mental health, which contributes to overall health.

This applies to other animals as well. Introducing your animal to another animal companion, or just changing the environment slightly to be less stressful can have a huge impact.


That concludes our 3 part series on holistic pet health. Thanks for reading, and I hope that you have a better appreciation for my passion when it comes to animal health.


Dr. Loridawn Gordon


Disclaimer: 1st Pet Naturals is an education resource, and all information herein is strictly for educational purposes. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure disease, nor is it meant to replace the (prescribed) treatment or recommendations of your veterinarian or healthcare provider. Always inform your veterinarian or healthcare provider of any products that your pet is taking, including herbal remedies and supplements.