January 16, 2013

“Red Rover, Red Rover” – We Call Clean Doggy Over

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grooming your dogWe are recommending DIY dog grooming as a supplement to professional dog groomers – not as a replacement.

Dog groomers put your pet at ease, shampoo and dry with trained efficiency, cut with style, and take on the difficult task of nail trimming.   They also are pet lovers, and have a keen eye for health issues that they pass on to the pet owners.   If you can only afford one grooming per year, let it be the first spring grooming.   You dog will welcome the season with gusto in the hands of a professional!

As much as we love and recommend professional groomers, some pet owners simply can’t afford to pay for professional pet grooming as often as it is needed.  For example, some dogs need weekly grooming, as certain dogs tend to be a magnet for mud.   Here are some tips to ‘pretty up’ the pooch between grooming visits:

Buy a dog grooming kit at the pet store or online.   Be sure to get a kit that is suitable for your dog’s length of fur.

  • Pay a lot of attention to your dog prior to the grooming.   Most dogs should be brushed every other day, so that’s a good place to start.  You can use cornstarch to loosen up any matting.  If you brush regularly, there will be less and less knots.  Cut out any mats that cannot be combed out.
  • Remove any discharge from your dog’s eyes.  If the fur is stained, you can use tear stain remover (can be picked up at any pet store).
  • Wash your dog.   (You will need them to be free of mud, twigs, etc.)  If your dog has long hair, you can move to the cutting phase next.   If your dog is a short-hair, just dry with a towel and you are done.  You can use a blow dryer, but it’s not necessary.
  • Always cut in the direction of your dog’s fur.  It’s important to use slow, even strokes.  If you move faster than the blade can cut, your pet will end up with a choppy look.    One technique is to brush the coat up, and then clip the ends.
  • Use small scissors (groomer’s) to trim between your dog’s toes.   Cleaning up this fur will help keep your pooch from slipping on the floor.
  • Clip your dog’s toe nails. It’s critical that you are very careful, and just trim a little at a time.   If clipping your dog’s toe nails makes you uncomfortable, start by just trimming a tiny bit, and then use a dremel to file them down.
  • Finish up with a treat and lot’s of love!  (Don’t talk about or show the treat before the grooming is complete – dogs are not know for patience!)

We have purposely not addressed the issues of ear cleaning and teeth today.   A dog’s ears are very sensitive, and cleaning can be traumatic for them. Teeth cleaning is very important to your dog’s health as well.   Our holistic vet, Dr. Loridawn Gordon will address these issues in the next couple of weeks.   Please refer to her blog.

As a reminder, do use a groomer from time to time if you can afford it.   They have wonderful, gentle cleansers, are “plugged in” to pet issues and products, and are keen to share their knowledge with their pet loving clients.

Disclaimer: 1st Pet Naturals is an education resource, and all information herein is strictly for educational purposes. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure disease, nor is it meant to replace the (prescribed) treatment or recommendations of your veterinarian or healthcare provider. Always inform your veterinarian or healthcare provider of any products that your pet is taking, including herbal remedies and supplements.