September 13, 2012

9 Big Hypoallergenic Dogs To Keep in Mind

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Have dog allergies? There’s no need to kiss your dream of having a dog goodbye. Here are 10 big hypoallergenic dogs you can read up on to find the right dog for you and your family.

Big hypoallergenic dogs are types of dogs that are considered to cause less undesirable reactions to people who have increased allergen sensitivity. They can either be purebred or mixed.

9 Big Hypoallergenic Dogs

#1 – Afghan hounds

These dogs have long, thick, glossy hair and weigh anywhere from 58lbs to 64lbs. Their elegant appearance and posture make them appealing to some prospective owners. They’re also frequently used as a show breed. These dogs are perfect for individuals who enjoy happy and playful dogs.

#2 – Briards

These large non shedding dogs are admired for their high intelligence. They are non-threatening and love human companionship—that is why they are considered excellent house dogs. These dogs require frequent intellectual stimulation, so this breed might require you to be a more active dog owner.

#3 – Greyhounds

Greyhounds shed very little and are odorless. These large hypoallergenic dogs are ideal companions because of their sweet, gentle, loving, and quiet nature. So, if you want a large non shedding dog that you can tolerate, greyhounds are good candidates.

#4 – Old English Sheepdogs

Surprisingly, these dogs shed minimally. They draw lesser allergic reactions if you groom them regularly, so brush them often. These are great for people who want a playful and peace-loving large dog.

#5 – Neapolitan Mastiffs

Do not let the mammoth size and facial features scare you. They are actually quiet and calm (as adults). If you are a strong-willed and confident owner, this breed is right for you.

#6 – Sloughis

Sloughis are for keeps!—they are very loyal. This ancient dog breed is loving, sweet, and easy to manage. You do not want these large hypoallergenic dogs if you don’t have time because Sloughis need lots of exercise time.

#7 – German Shorthaired Pointers

These dogs require minimal grooming and are good family dogs. German Shorthaired Pointers have a lean and athletic body build. They require patient and strong-willed owners to control their outgoing personality.

#8 – Weimaraners

Weimaraners love to be always near their owners. Shedding and drooling are minimal—they are messy water drinkers, though. These dogs need an owner who is energetic, tough, and determined.

#9 – Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

Unlike other breeds of big dogs, Anatolian Shepherd dogs do not drool. They tend to hold a long lifespan, for a big dog, and shed in small quantities. They are hardworking, affectionate, and calm.  They require leader-type owners.

Do not forget to practice good pet grooming and home cleaning to maximize the benefits of big hypoallergenic dogs. Remember—choose large hypoallergenic dogs that drool and shed minimally. Be sure to cautiously search your options because the appropriate types of big dogs for people with allergies greatly vary.

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