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This month, we pause a moment to scratch at a problem many pet owners face: fleas. Then, we cover the basics of when and how to use pet supplements. Lastly, we finish off with a video, just for fun.


Cute Puppy

3 Approaches to Fight Fleas

Miniature Pinscher Scratching Hold on to your fur: flea season is coming.

Fleas, pesky little parasites that drink your pet’s blood, usually come out in the earlier part of the year. And they’re not exclusively a pet problem either: fleas bite people too. You’ll know if you start to find itchy spots all over your body.

If you find yourself or your four-legged friend scratching, here are some things you can do to fight the flea infestation.


The Natural Approach

The best flea solution is prevention. This means keeping both a clean house and a clean pet.

  • Groom your dog or cat.
    Do this often, and do it outside if you can. If you have a longer-haired pet, daily grooming is best.

  • Sanitize your pet’s bedding.
    Do this regularly or your pet might be lying down in a flea bed.

  • Vacuum your carpets.
    A thorough vacuuming twice per week will help.

  • Mow your lawn.
    Fleas love grass, so taking care of your lawn will reduce the chance of your pet bringing fleas inside.

  • Steam-clean your carpets.
    As the flea season approaches, a good steam-cleaning can kill flea eggs before they hatch.

  • Try a natural remedy.
    Mix rosemary, yellow dock, rue, wormwood, eucalyptus and fennel together in equal parts. Sprinkle on your pet’s coat, focusing on the neck and back. Brush it in backwards to work it in. If your pet has fleas then they should start jumping off, so do it outside.

  • Use a specialized soap.
    Try Neem Fur Soap for Dogs. It contains eucalyptus essential oils that fleas hate.


The Pet Store Approach

Your local pet store has effective flea solutions for your household and your pet. Be sure to follow the instructions on the label exactly as directed. You might want to think about Rhizo Garlic Extract Flea Relief for dogs or for cats.

Still, treating your pet may not be enough to get fleas out of your house. Remember the fleas in your pet’s bed and in your carpet. After treating your pet, consider:

  • Washing your pets bedding in hot water.

  • Using some flea spray.

  • Vacuuming thoroughly.

  • Washing your own bedding, curtains, and clothes.


The Veterinarian Approach

Some chemical-based veterinary products can contain permethrin, which can be toxic. This can be dangerous, especially if you have a small cat.

If you visit your vet for a flea problem, ask for a non-permethrin-based product. Advantage and Frontline are two products that are commonly prescribed by vets. They work by killing flea larvae and can prevent fleas for 2-3 months.


The longer you wait to act against fleas, the worse the infestation can get. So, if you notice or suspect fleas, act right away.

Your pet will thank you.


Pet Supplements: The One Minute Explanation

When taking care of your pet's health, exercize and eating right are just as important as they are with your own health. So, when it comes to the above-and-beyond benefits of supplements, are they necessary for your pet? Do they really help?

Product ExampleIf you've thought about this, you're not the only one. According to WebMD many pet owners choose to give their pets supplements, multi-vitamins, and products designed to treat specific ailments like canine rheumatoid arthritis.

So, does your pet need supplements?

The short answer: talk to your vet.

The long answer: it depends on the conditions your pet my have and the medications your pet may be already taking.

If you have a dog with rheumatoid arthritis, a supplement like Eldersize for Dog Arthritis may give your pet easier days. However, if your dog is already on medication for arthritis, it's a very good idea to make sure supplements do not conflict with the prescription.

Keep in mind that supplements are just that: supplements. They work to enhance, support, and help. They are not meant to cure ailments outright or replace pharmaceutical treatment.

But, they can work to promote faster healing and relieve symptoms.

They're pet well-being promoters.


Dog Gets "Best Day Ever"

What's better than one tennis ball? LOTS of tennis balls.



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