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Picture of Vetisse Heartwise for Dog Heart Support

Vetisse Heartwise for Dog Heart Support

Contains ingredients to promote normal heart health, maintain heart muscles, and healthy blood pressure levels.
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  • Promote normal heart health
  • Maintain a healthy blood pressure
  • 3.38 oz/100 ml

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Vetisse Heartwise for Dog Heart Support

Maintain Heart Health for your Dog!

  • Promote normal heart health
  • Maintains the heart muscle
  • Maintain a healthy blood pressure
  • Enhance circulation

Your dog’s heart is obviously critical to his overall health. Vetisse Heartwise is a liquid-based formula that is composed of a variety of herbal extracts that stimulate, relax, and provide nutrition to the heart to maintain the optimal health of your dog. Indeed, Vetisse Heartwise can be used as preventative therapy for most heart and circulation problems, but it also has many beneficial effects for managing pre-existing heart conditions.

The heart is a complicated organ that tends to lose function as your dog ages. The all-natural formula of Vetisse Heartwise helps to gently support the heart muscle, heart valves, and blood vessels so it is safe to e used every day. Dogs of all ages and sizes can benefit from the heart-health properties of Vetisse Heartwise.

Dr. Gordon’s Advice

As with all Vetisse supplements, Vetisse Heartwise is totally natural and safe for use with dogs of all sizes and ages. Still, before using any supplements, it is always best to consult with a veterinarian. Vetisse Heartwise is not recommended for use with pregnant or nursing dogs, but is otherwise safe for most pets. Dosing will depend on the size of your dog, with smaller dogs requiring only 0.5ml twice daily (dogs under 25lbs), and larger dogs tolerating up to 2.0ml twice daily (dogs over 75lbs). Always take care to read dosing instructions carefully.


  • Hawthorne berry
  • Horsetail grass
  • Valerian root
  • Hops strobile
  • Lobelia herb
  • Wood Betony herb
  • Mistletoe herb
  • Motherwort herb
  • Pulsatilla root

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Reviews Product Information

Vetisse Heartwise for Dog Heart Support Product Reviews

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