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Picture of Vetisse Milk Thistle for Liver Support in Cats

Vetisse Milk Thistle for Liver Support in Cats

Milk Thistle is a 100ml natural remedy which is used to support and reduce the negative effects to your cat's liver. It is a great natural addition to any liver treatment your cat may be receiving.
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Vetisse Milk Thistle for Liver Support in Cats

Help Your Cat Maintain a Healthy Liver!

Milk Thistle is a safe and effective natural remedy that helps to support and reduce the negative effects to your cat's liver. Vetisse Milk Thistle will help maintain your cat's liver health.

Especially useful for cats being treated with:

  • Conventional heart worm prevention
  • Conventional pain and anti-inflammatory reduction

Vetisse Milk Thistle is an effective herbal remedy that helps to protect liver cells while maintaining liver cell regeneration. Milk thistle is a liver cleanser that is particularly helpful for cats with liver disease or suffering from other liver conditions.

Because there are no known side effects to milk thistle, it is safe and effective for long-term support and protection of your cat’s liver function.  As a major organ that removes toxins from the body, the liver is essential to your cat’s overall health. Nevertheless, older cats often suffer from liver disease, cirrhosis, and other conditions that compromise liver function and degrade overall health.

Moreover, even young, healthy cats are regularly exposed to environmental toxins that include household cleaners, lawn fertilizers, and household products. Over time, these toxins negatively impact liver function in your cat.  Fortunately, milk thistle is validated by years of research showing this supplement offers a range of liver protection and regeneration properties, in addition to acting as an antioxidant. 

Dr. Gordon's Advice

Whether your cat is suffering from liver disease or is completely healthy, Vetisse milk thistle protects the liver and makes it more capable of cleansing environmental toxins while preventing liver damage often associated with certain conventional cat treatments.  In addition, milk thistle has been shown to be perfectly safe for long-term use in any age of cat; there are no contraindications with milk thistle and other pet treatments.

Nevertheless, when dosing milk thistle, cat owners should take care. As most cats are under 25 lbs, you will likely use just one 1 ml of milk thistle twice daily; but you should always follow dosing instructions carefully and speak to your veterinarian if you have any questions or concerns. You can easily add milk thistle to your cat’s diet or simply squirt the supplement directly into your cat’s mouth.

Finally, you want to be sure to only order milk thistle that is specifically designed for animals. If you are interested in the beneficial effects of milk thistle for your cat, speak to your veterinarian; especially if your cat is being treated with the following:

  • Anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs)
  • Conventional chemotherapy treatment
  • Traditional seizure treatment
  • Heartworm treatments

Non-Medicinal Ingredients:

  • Purified Water
  • Glycerin

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Reviews Product Information

Vetisse Milk Thistle for Liver Support in Cats Product Reviews

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