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Picture of Vetisse Arnica Assist Ointment for Cat Bruises

Vetisse Arnica Assist Ointment for Cat Bruises

A natural remedy which helps promote healing in your cat's bruises and injuries.
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Product Highlights
  • Cleans wounds
  • Conditions and protects paws
  • 2.03 oz/60 ml

Product Information

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Vetisse Arnica Assist Ointment for Cat Bruises

Heal Wounded or Bruised Cat Paws Quickly!

  • Cleans wounds
  • Promotes healing
  • Important for cracking and bruising in cat paws
  • Recommended to help pain

If your cat is limping, it may be suffering from bruised, cracked, or injured paws. Vetisse Arnica Assist Ointment is an all-natural remedy that helps injured paws, while also supporting the healing process. Thorns, broken glass, slivers, rocks, and hot pavement or other surfaces can cause untold damage to your cat’s paws. With Vetisse Arnica Assist Ointment you can not only reduce the negative effects of your cat’s injured paws, but it will maintain the optimum health of your cat’s paws as well.

The Vetisse Arnica Assist Ointment formula includes herbs and extracts that have traditionally been used to support immune functioning while normalizing pain and inflammation. Especially effective for maintaining optimum health of bruises and sprains, Vetisse Arnica Assist Ointment can also help with rheumatic pain, neuralgic pain, and even hemorrhoids. 

Dr. Gordon's Advice

Vetisse Arnica Assist Ointment can be applied directly to injured areas with a cotton swab or Q-tip; it should be gently massaged into the skin.  This supplement is recommended for external use only, and it is not suitable for pregnant or nursing cats.  In addition, Vetisse Arnica Assist Ointment should be used only under the care of a veterinarian, especially if your cat is taking medications, supplements, or other herbal remedies associated with other health conditions.  It has been shown that Vetisse Arnica Assist Ointment may interfere with platelet function and test results.

Moreover, Vetisse Arnica Assist Ointment should not be used directly on open wounds or broken skin.  Nevertheless, because it is made from natural herbs and extracts, this ointment is generally safe for daily use.


The base formula of Vetisse Arnica Assist Ointment includes olive oil and beeswax. The active ingredients include:

  • Arnica flower
  • St. Johns’ Wort

Product Reviews

Reviews Product Information

Vetisse Arnica Assist Ointment for Cat Bruises Product Reviews

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