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Vetisse Stress Ease for Cat Anxiety

Recommended for skittish, anxious, or hyperactive cats. An all natural stress alternative aid. Useful for stressful life events.
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Product Highlights
  • Calm nervous tension
  • Improve circulation for better body function
  • Maintain cerebral balance
  • Best results with long term use
  • 3.38 oz/100 ml

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Vetisse Stress Ease for Cat Anxiety

Help your Cat Relax!

  • Calm nervous tension
  • Important for the circulation for better body function
  • Maintain cerebral balance
  • Best results with long term use

Vetisse Stress Ease is a herbal remedy for cats with nervous disorders. Because it is formulated from natural ingredients, Vetisse Stress Ease is not only effective for calming anxiety and other nervous conditions but also safe for long term use. Travelling, separation anxiety, and other sources of stress can cause your cat to behave erratically. With Vetisse Stress Ease you can help with your cat’s anxiety and nervous tension naturally.  If your cat is aggressive with other people or animals, behaves unpredictably in novel situations, or damages your home and property whenever you’re away, you may want to consider Vetisse Stress Ease. This all-natural formula helps restore order to your home while putting your cat at ease.

Dr. Gordon's Advice

Though Vetisse Stress Ease is formulated from natural herbs an extracts, it is always best to consult a veterinarian before starting your cat on any treatment. This is especially true if your cat is already being treated medicinally for anxiety, nervous conditions, or other medical concerns. Nevertheless, the Vetisse Stress Ease is safe and effective and offers the best results when used in the long term. Smaller animals, and most cats, will usually receive 0.5ml of Vetisse Stress Ease twice daily, but for cats over 25lbs, you should follow the dosing instructions carefully.  Vetisse Stress Ease may be added directly to your cat’s food or you can squirt the formula directly into your cat’s mouth with a syringe or dropper.  Be sure to refrigerate Vetisse Stress Ease after opening.


  • Valerian root
  • Horsetail grass
  • Black Cohosh root
  • Hops strobile
  • Lobeila herb
  • Skullcap herb
  • Wood Betony herb
  • Mistletoe herb
  • Pulsatilla root
  • Motherwort herb

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Reviews Product Information

Vetisse Stress Ease for Cat Anxiety Product Reviews

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