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Picture of Vetisse Naturelax for Cat Hairballs

Vetisse Naturelax for Cat Hairballs

Naturally soothes and comforts a cat’s digestive tract. Hairballs can come up better and more comfortably.
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Vetisse Naturelax for Cat Hairballs

Hairballs happen as cats groom themselves. They swallow loose hair that’s caught by their uniquely structured tongue. Normally, the hair passes right through. But sometimes, hair can build up inside, causing a hairball.

Most cats will get rid of hairballs on their own. It’s normal. But some cats, especially long-hair breeds, might have trouble with their hairballs.

Up until now, one of the only solutions has been petroleum jelly. But unfortunately, petroleum jelly is water insoluble and may get inside the lungs of a cat. If that happens, cats have been known to contract pneumonia.

Naturelax is made from all-natural ingredients and purified water. All ingredients have been chosen to harmonize with one another and soothe a cat’s digestive tract. Since these are natural herbs, the vast majority of animals do not experience side effects. By using the dropper, it’s easy to give Naturelax to a cat either directly or on food.

Results should be fast, but always give natural remedies like this one time to take full effect.

Take the first step to help your cat. Order Naturelax today.

Not sure if this natural cat hairball remedy is right for you?

1st Pet Naturals offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all of our products. Natural herbal products need time to work fully. This guarantee ensures that you get the time you need to see if this product is for you.

What’s the best way to use Naturelax?

This is best used as a short-term aid. If your cat is having persistent problems with hairballs, take your cat to the vet and see what’s wrong. But, you can always use Naturelax to keep your cat comfortable while you make the changes to fix the problem for good.

What ingredients are in Naturelax for Cat Hairballs?

  • Licorice root
  • Cascara sagrada bark
  • Oregon grape root
  • Ginger root
  • Raspberry leaf
  • Lobelia herb
  • Turkey rhubarb root

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Reviews Product Information

Vetisse Naturelax for Cat Hairballs Product Reviews

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